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Embrace a holistic approach to wellness designed to enlighten you on the overlooked and often misdiagnosed aspects of aging, equipping you to address them with confidence. 

How it works

Holistic Evaluation

Complete a blood draw and measure 48+ biomarkers of your health. You’ll also receive a cognitive assessment in the comfort of your home.

Personalized Recommendations

Receive personalized plans for how to take control of your health inside and out. Plans cover supplementation, lifestyle optimization, and medication in select cases.

Measure results

Visualize your improvements and reach your health goals.


Longevity Medicine is a specialized field of healthcare focused on promoting a healthier, more vibrant life for a more extended period. It encompasses a range of approaches, including lifestyle modifications, preventative care, and advanced treatments to slow the aging process, manage age-related diseases, and enhance overall well-being. Rather than focusing solely on treating conditions, longevity medicine aims to optimize health, improve the quality of life, and extend the years of physical and mental vigor.

Longevity Medicine refers to the science and practice of extending not just the lifespan but, more importantly, the health span of individuals. It is rooted in a comprehensive, holistic approach to health that includes genetic, environmental, physical, and nutritional aspects, aiming to prolong the healthy, disease-free period of life. Longevity medicine integrates innovative technologies, therapies, and preventive measures to mitigate the impacts of aging and foster a life of vitality and wellness.

In Longevity Medicine, the focus shifts from merely adding years to one’s life to adding life to those years. It combines cutting-edge scientific research, advanced medical technologies, and holistic health practices to optimize the body’s natural healing and regenerative capabilities. The goal is to mitigate the effects of aging, enhance physical and cognitive functions, and promote a longer, healthier, and more vibrant existence.

  • Longevity medicine is for anyone aspiring to enhance their quality of life, particularly as they age. It benefits individuals facing the onset of age-related conditions, those seeking preventive measures to maintain vibrancy and health, and even younger adults who are proactive about their future well-being. By targeting the cellular and molecular processes of aging, longevity medicine offers solutions to enhance physical, mental, and emotional health for a diverse range of people.
  • Individuals at various stages of life can reap the rewards of longevity medicine. For older adults, it provides pathways to manage and mitigate age-associated declines, enhancing vitality and wellness. Middle-aged individuals value early intervention, addressing potential issues before they escalate, and establishing a foundation for healthier aging. Young adults gain from personalized strategies to optimize health and potentially delay the onset of age-related conditions, laying the groundwork for a prolonged, vibrant life.
  • Everyone stands to gain from the offerings of longevity medicine. People experiencing decreased energy levels, cognitive decline, or the early signs of age-related diseases can benefit from personalized treatment plans aimed at revitalization. Moreover, individuals with a family history of chronic conditions can utilize longevity medicine for preventive care. It fits anyone seeking a proactive, informed, and holistic approach to sustain and enhance their well-being throughout the aging journey. 

Results can vary depending on individual health goals. However, our program has helped individuals with weight loss, improved skin metabolic efficiency, reduced cardiovascular risks, and giving you back energy! 

  • Biological Age is a concept that represents an individual’s age in terms of overall physiological health and vitality rather than the number of years lived (chronological age). It provides insights into how well the body functions and is influenced by genetics, lifestyle, environmental exposures, and health habits. A lower biological age suggests better health and a lower risk of age-related diseases. In comparison, a higher biological age may indicate the presence of health issues or an increased risk of infection.
  • Biological Age is a measurement that evaluates an individual’s physical health and functional status concerning chronological age. It considers a variety of biomarkers, health metrics, and physiological parameters, such as cellular health, metabolic efficiency, cardiovascular health, and immune system performance. By understanding one’s biological age, individuals can gain insights into their health status, potential risk factors, and areas for improvement to optimize wellness and longevity.
  • Biological Age is an estimate of an individual’s age based on their health and wellness parameters rather than their chronological age. It is determined by assessing multiple health indicators, including but not limited to metabolic rate, cardiovascular health, physical fitness, and cellular performance. This measure offers a more comprehensive view of an individual’s health, potential longevity, and risk of developing age-related diseases, guiding personalized strategies to optimize well-being.

  •  A person’s health span is the time during which he or she remains healthy and free from chronic diseases or disabilities typically associated with aging. It’s not just about living longer but living well, emphasizing quality of life. A person with a longer health span enjoys optimal physical, mental, and emotional health for a significant portion of their life, actively engaging in life with vitality and vigor.
  • Healthspan is the period of one’s life characterized by good health, vitality, and overall well-being. It underscores the years lived with minimal illness, cognitive decline, or physical incapacity. Extending healthspan means not only adding years to life but also ensuring those additional years are marked by energy, functional ability, and a high quality of life, devoid of chronic ailments and degenerative conditions.
  • Healthspan encapsulates the years an individual lives in optimal health, devoid of debilitating chronic illnesses or severe functional impairments. It focuses on enhancing the quality of living, ensuring that individuals not only live longer but thrive with wellness, cognitive clarity, and physical capability. The objective is to nurture a life where individuals can actively participate, contribute, and enjoy their lives to the fullest, unencumbered by the typical constraints of aging.

Every treatment is personalized, but types of treatments that may be applicable include continuous glucose monitoring, supplement modification, medication, and lifestyle coaching (fitness, sleep, nutrition). 

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